Welcome to the Relaunch!

Welcome to The Crazy Booklady!   Or should I say, “Welcome from the Crazy Booklady”, since that is indeed me.  I am revamping and relaunching my site because the earlier version just wasn’t “me”.  Trying to write new content felt too much like a boring school project, so I can just imagine how you must have felt reading it.  (HEY, WAKE UP!!!)  So we’re going to try this again!

Now, who is this Crazy Booklady, you may ask…  Well, to state the obvious, I am a crazy lady who loves books!  All books.  Old books, classics, new books, picture books, ebooks, fiction, nonfiction, trashy novels that you don’t have to think about, and books that make you stop and think.   I also love writing, travel, and the great outdoors.  My passion is education–specifically, bringing literacy and books to kids in this country and around the world–especially supporting women and girls in countries where they have to fight extra hard for this right.

My number one love is my family.  We have been an Army Family for over 26 years now, and have raised two sons who are now grown men, and our youngest, a girl, who is now 10.  (Do NOT ask me where the time has gone, because I couldn’t tell you!).  We homeschooled our boys in High School many years ago, and we have been homeschooling our daughter since 2013.  We are quirky, slightly geeky, and we are all very different people, but through it all, we manage to love each other, laugh with each other, and forgive each other when we need to, so it somehow seems to work.

I welcome any and all suggestions and ideas–tell me what you want to see!  Reviews, travel tips, homeschooing help, anything!  The sky’s the limit!  I want to share my stories, but I also want to make this a place you want to visit, so let me know what I can do to help make your time here worth your while.

I appreciate you stopping by!  Please follow me so you don’t miss anything as new stuff gets added, and please remember that you are amazing–God never makes mistakes!

Stay Crazy!

~Laura (a.k.a. The Crazy Booklady)