Great Giveaway!

A sister blogger, military wife, and homeschool mom at ONLY PASSIONATE CURIOSITY is offering a great giveaway.  Visit her site and enter to win a FREE one year curriculum package from Oak Meadow!  You can choose any year from K-8.  We used Oak Meadow in the third grade, and it is a very gentle, rhythmic program.  Lots of nature-based activities, art, and hands-on science,  and the ability to pace yourself according to your child’s progress–whether that means you add content for your accelerated learner, or slow things down if there is something your child is struggling with.  It is not strictly Waldorf, but they use a lot of Waldorf-based ideas.  It is a wonderful curriculum, and I would especially recommend it for early childhood (preK – 3rd grade).

To enter the giveaway, CLICK HERE.

***The Giveaway is now over, but I hope one of you awesome people won!  In any case, check out the blog, it’s a good one, and also give Oak Meadow a look, they are a great way to ease into homeschooling!***

For more information on Oak Meadow, CLICK HERE.


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