World Cup Fee-vah!!!


USA soccer ball

Germany Soccer Ballbrazil soccer ball

On June 12, 2014, the World Cup kicks off (haha, get it???) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  Living in Germany, this is a Very Big Deal.  Think Superbowl, but instead of a weekend, it goes on for a month!  This is one of the few times you will see German flags everywhere–hanging from windows and balconies, flying from cars, painted on people–it’s a great time!  When Germany plays, you can tell every time they score because the whole neighborhood erupts in cheering.  When Germany loses, it’s a giant sad, but they rally for another day!

As Americans, for the last World Cup in 2010, we were new to the whole phenemonon (de deee de de dee!) (sorry).  It was even crazier because Germany hosted the World Cup that year.  We weren’t able to attend a live game, but we loved it!  We put an American flag on one side of our car, and a German flag on the other, and have just pulled them out again for this year.  The two countries never played each other in 2010, but this year they are in the same group, so on June 26, it’s on!!!  Our group is killer this year.  Team USA has their work cut out for them for sure!

If you are looking for some summer enrichment, this is a great time to learn about geography, other countries and cultures, and of course, soccer/football!  This is a great set of FREE printables from Activity Village that include coloring pages, flags, and activities for preschool – elementary age kids.  CLICK HERE  to check it out!  (I AM NOT AFFILIATED OR COMPENSATED BY ACTIVITY VILLAGE, I AM JUST SHARING THESE PRINTABLES BECAUSE I THINK THEY ARE REALLY COOL!)

My family can’t wait to don our USA gear and cheer for the Red, White, and Blue!  We’ll show respect for our Host Nation too, and may the best team win!  Will you follow the World Cup?  Who will you be rooting for?


PS… I know my graphics are kind of lame, I’m still in the “learning curve” phase of things and it will only get better!